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The products and services offered on this website are designed to help you find your way to the best, pain free lifestyle and golf game possible. You will find a wide variety of products, tips and techniques that have really worked for myself, my clients, and my students.

    1.    Golf swing options to accomodate physical pain, restrictions or injuries.

    2.    Products that can help you rebuild, maintain, and improve your health,
           wellness and golf performance.

    3.    Free health and golf fitness tips.
    4.    Tour Tempo® training aids, development drills,  and the concepts  
            for developing a effective, effecient tour quality tempo in your swing.

Bruce Chaffin owner/practioner
of Performance Body Balancing


Levels I – III                             The Rolf Institute

                                                Rolfing / Structural Integration Certification

Titleist Performance Institute
                                                                        TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
                                                                        TPI Certified Medical Professional
Tour Tempo               
                                                 Certified Instructor

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